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Whether you're a vibrant 20-something just starting your personal finance journey, a busy 30 or 40-year-old looking to enhance your wealth management skills, or a savvy 50+ aiming to preserve or expand your nest egg, this is your place!

Financial Literacy Blvd features a collection of insights, tips, and tools that we have designed to enhance your financial understanding and wellness. Here, you can learn money management basics, explore the latest planning strategies, and gather the knowledge needed for effective financial decision-making. 

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Our Motivation

Studies show that financial literacy levels in the United States are well below where they should be. According to FINRA, roughly 66% of the US population is "financially illiterate"1. That means more than half of the population faces challenges in understanding and managing their finances. 

At Centura, we're trying to change that! One of our missions is to equip our clients with the knowledge they need to enhance their financial wellness. By addressing the gaps, we hope to foster a more financially resilient and empowered community. 

Financial Wellness in the U.S.

  1.  Around 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.1
  2.  Greater than 189 million Americans own credit cards.1
  3.  Each credit card owner owns about four cards, on average.1
  4.  Credit card debt levels have reached a record high of $1.04 trillion.1
  5.  Student loan debt is approximately $1.5 trillion for more than 44 million borrowers1 (~$34,000/borrower).

        1Corporate Finance Institute: Financial Literacy




Financial Literacy Directly Impacts Financial Health 

What is it?

Financial literacy goes beyond budgeting and simple understanding of basic financial concepts. It encompasses a broad range of knowledge and skills that enable individuals to make informed and effective decisions about their finances.

The fundamental components:

  1.  Earning & Spending
  2.  Saving & Investing
  3.  Borrowing & Managing Debt
  4.  Protecting & Planning

Having a solid understanding of concepts within these five areas can significantly improve overall financial health.


Higher levels of financial literacy lead to better financial behavior, which result in higher financial well-being, as concluded by an NIH study.

Unsurprisingly, there is a clear correlation between the fundamental components of financial literacy and the key indicators of financial wellness.

Indicators of Financial Health

Financial Health Network: What Is Financial Health?

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Earning & Spending

Saving & Investing


Borrowing & Managing Debt

Protecting & Planning