Transparent Fees for Trustworthy Financial Advice

Have you ever gotten the run around from a financial services firm about what exactly you’ll be charged for services? We don’t believe in making things complicated. We’re confident in the value our experienced advisors bring to the table and the impact our advice and guidance will have for you and your family or business. We’ve made it simple. From our very first meeting we are forthcoming about the investment associated with our services.

Our financial services fall into two categories: financial planning and investing. Financial Planning involves an onboarding fee followed by a recurring monthly fee. Depending on how complex your situation is, the monthly fees range from $300/mo to $1,000/mo. Investment management services are largely fee-based as a percentage of assets under management.


Today is the perfect time to begin planning for the future. Just getting started? Need a review of your current progress? We’d welcome the opportunity to get to know you. Contact Centura Advisors, LLC today.