The most important element in any advisory relationship is trust. There are hundreds of firms to choose from for guidance when it comes to your wealth, but we think you’ll find it is nearly impossible to discover a firm with the breadth of services and experience our seasoned professionals offer. Centura Advisors, LLC is an independent financial services firm, meaning that your financial interests are always at the forefront of our recommendations. As advisors of integrity, we make a personal goal and commitment to deliver objective advice, never pushing you toward expensive investment or insurance products for our personal gain.


Is Centura Advisors a good fit for you?

Our clients come from all walks of wealth and stages of life. We welcome a challenge; bring us your questions! If you’re searching for clarity, wondering what your money is doing, and feel that you might benefit from a cohesive strategy, then we just might be the right firm for you. We place a high priority on financial literacy and take the time to truly educate our clients on all matters of their financial life.


We serve Baton Rouge

Business Owners. Focus on running your business well, and allow us to handle the details of your financial affairs. Our collaborative team looks at your financial status both as an individual and an entrepreneur to design a strategy that benefits your entire identity, not just one aspect.

Executives. Need a professional to help you navigate various employee incentives like stock options or help fine-tune your tax strategies? We’ll help walk you through all the pros and cons of your options to maximize your income and build wealth for the future.

Dental Professionals. Secure your financial independence with a strategic plan to help you build and preserve your wealth as your dental practice grows.

While our services and expertise lend themselves to these particular audiences and their complex financial needs, we welcome the opportunity to work with you and hear your story. We believe everyone can benefit from sound, expert financial advice. To schedule an introductory meeting with our team, contact Centura Advisors, LLC today.