Comprehensive & Collaborative Business Planning


What would sound financial advice do for your business? Would it make your life easier to have all your questions and concerns handled in one phone call? That’s exactly what our advisors bring to the table. The support and comprehensive service you need to take your business to the next level.

Business owners face a unique set of challenges, balancing both personal and professional priorities in addition to considering the satisfaction of employees. Several of our professionals are small business owners themselves, so our team is intimately familiar with the highly specific financial needs of business owners. In addition, we are uniquely positioned to serve business owners and executives due to our relationships with local complementary service providers.

Our team looks at your financial status both as an individual and an entrepreneur to design a strategy that benefits your entire identity, not just one aspect. 


Company Benefits

Choosing to offer a company retirement plan can boost employee productivity and morale, and provide extensive potential benefits for your personal wealth.


Succession & Estate Planning

Using the right tools to transfer ownership to the next generation can help reduce taxes and provide continuity of family ownership in your business. 


Tax Strategies

One Principal of Centura Advisors, LLC is also a CPA for the Apple Guerin Company, which means you get the benefit of his cutting-edge expertise in tax services and accounting for both your personal finances and your business or practice.


Human Resources

Our firm further supports southern Louisiana businesses through our partnership with HR Solutions. Businesses no longer have to manage the burden of human resources responsibilities alone.  Everything from benefits administration to payroll and all the associated reporting is handled efficiently and accurately by this experienced team.


Most business owners work far beyond a typical 9-5. Attempting to manage your finances can be comparable to taking on a second full-time job! Let us help you build and preserve your wealth while providing an environment to attract and sustain your valuable employees, all under one roof. Partner with us to take back your time, so you can focus on running your business well.